Monday, March 29, 2010

Point and Shoot - Part 2

About a month ago, I had a cup of coffee with a very nice young Indian couple; Shefali and Dushyant. They were friends of friends so I thought it would be a great to visit and talk with them to learn more about the Indian culture in our little town and doing some photography work with them in the future. Shefali was "all in" and immediately excited about things but we had to get Dushyant there. Well it didn’t take him long once he started sharing his own ideas with me about pictures he liked and some he wanted of the two of them. We spoke for several minutes doing some collab/idea kinda stuff and the love these two people shared with one another shined through in the course of the conversation which was very cool to witness. It’s always nice to meet people and people from other cultures to learn about their experiences and find out how much we have in common versus the things we think might divide us or make us different.

I needed to finish this post from last month so here are Shefali and Dushyant; stay tuned for more this


Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Got Schooled

That's what we normally say on the basketball court when we get a much needed hit to the "ego" in the opposite direction right? Well I stopped off at Starbucks to use the restroom, sit for a bit and review images after a morning shoot. I was going through the images trying to see which ones would make it to the Blog, website, etc. when I ran into another professional photographer. He noticed me from several others visits I made to this particular Startbucks to meet with potential clients.  This day he decided to introduce himself, start a conversation and four hours later he was off to a shoot and I was scratching my head trying to absorb all that I learned during the course of those four hours.

We talked medium format, large format, digital, film but lighting mostly. He did some napkin drawings as part of my impromptu course and I am sure the rest of the customers must have thought "get a room why don't you". I was hanging on his every word trying to get all my questions out in the middle of him explaining a prior question; I was like a kid in a candy store. The photographer I am referring to is Bobby Martinez and he lives right here in my town. I didn't get too far into reviewing my images but after his little seminar I thought, let me please do that shoot I just did all over again and please Bobby let me watch you shoot sometime??? Well we exchanged info and off he went to meet a client who came all the way from Chicago to take 5 pictures; yes I did say 5. This might seem crazy to us youngsters but Bobby has been doing this for quite some time and spends most of that time working with the customers on posing and breathing while the rest of it is getting his lighting "just right".

Here are a few of my early favorites of Atoi and Malcolm from the shoot today. I am also looking forward to putting into practice what I learned from Mr. Martinez today. Thanks Bobby!

I'll be back soon Bloggers!!!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Please Don't Stop The Music - Part 2

I did a shoot early this winter with Sandra which I posted a sneak peek of a few months ago. I've been catching up on my Blogging and wanted to share more of my favorites from the shoot. We went through 3 CDs and 5 outfit changes before the shoot was over. She had fun during the shoot and here are a few of her pictures that she will be sharing with friends and family.