Thursday, November 29, 2007


A very successful counselor once said to me” I’d like to think we are always in the process of becoming”. Her words hit home to me as I look at my own life over the last 3-4 years. For those that know me well, I am very critical of myself and can always tell you what I should have done versus what is. As I was reminded this week about this state of “becoming” I thought about this picture from a photo shoot I did with a family of three. The picture depicts a mothers care and the innocence of youth that exists in all of us while we’re in this state. Look at the exchange between the two, the eyes and the smiles on their faces. The innocence of youth and an outlook for a very blessed and prosperous tomorrow.

It’s not about a “beginning” or an “end” but about the journey on our way towards “becoming”. After the turkey has been carved, presents opened, we will go through that ever so familiar process of resolutions for the year ahead. Let this picture and these words help guide you for the New Year ahead. Be blessed!!!




Saturday, November 17, 2007

Courage and Destiny

How do you measure courage? Is courage measured by the limitations others put on you, by the wind they take out of your sails or by the lack of support and encouragement as you step into your destiny? No, it's just the opposite and so much more!!!!! We are not who other people say we are because we have been given favor to overcome obstacles on the journey towards destiny. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't be something great or try to put their limitations on you because "your" promise is in "you" not "them".

I did a photo shoot with a good friend a few weeks ago and asked her permission to post a few photo's on my blog. She specifically asked that I not associate her name with the photos. I accommodated her and said that I would refer to her as a personal coach, close friend and mentor. She asked me when did I become a mentor? She didn't realize that how much I admired the courage she exhibited on the road to her destiny. How much I benefited from her formal and informal counsel through the challenges in my life. When she had no choice but to give in to her destiny, people around her made up their own minds about why she was stepping out of the corporate model. Their thought process was very much a product of the limitations they placed on themselves and their dreams. Others like myself admired her courage and wondered "if"....... Here's to courage and destiny yet realized.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bok Tower

I was in Winter Haven Florida on business a couple of months ago and took a drive up to Bok Tower on my last day. I heard so much about Bok Tower that I decided to brave the temps and humidity to see it for myself. Here a few of the shots I took as I walked around the tower.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cultivating Your Seeds of Greatness

I was listening to T.D. Jakes this morning as he was talking about "cultivating your seeds of greatness". This very simple yet significant message made me realize how blessed I am with the people (family and friends) God has chosen to surround me with that are helping me "cultivate my seeds of greatness". God has a way of putting people and circumstances in our lives that are there to serve a greater purpose; a purpose for which he will reveal to us when we're ready to receive it. I have been struggling with some things in my life lately and T.D. Jakes' message helped me put things in perspective and focus on my passions. So I challenge those bloggers reading this message to examine your circumstances and do the necessary repositioning in your life to "cultivate your seeds of greatness". You will be very pleased with what emerges.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Colors of the Season - Part 2

Here are a few more colors to end out the fall season. It's amazing what you find if you are deliberate about pursuing it. With all that we have going on in our business and personal lives, how much of what God has blessed us with are we passing by each day without an acknowledgment of the grace we've been given. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed the journey.