Saturday, March 5, 2011

Half Saree Ceremony

Last April, I was afforded the opportunity to shoot a Half Saree ceremony for a young Indian youth here in town.  I was "all in" having never done one of these and with my continued "love affair" with the Indian culture.  As expected the pageantry of colors was amazing as was the beauty of the women and charisma/character of the men. I was engulfed in all of this and really enjoyed how welcome they made this 6'3" black man who pretty much towered over everyone.

I had a tremendous time and was working on getting a few of these pics to one of the women who attended the event and it dawned on me that I never posted any of the pictures.  Enjoy the colors and beauty.  Also, please click on the link above to get more information on the ceremony.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Man of Steel

I had the opportunity to meet Delvar during the first practice for the Macy's Fashion show.  As soon as I met this brotha I thought, gotta get him in the "port" right away.  Well that didn't happen for a bit as practice and work kept me pretty busy but we finally got a quick shoot in after the show was over.  Delvar had done runway modeling in the past but as you can tell, his skills extend beyond the runway.  I gave him some direction but he didn't need much and we got a lot of great images in a short period of time.

We found an alley where I was able to control most of the light and used a small Westcott softbox to illuminate him and knock down some of the surrounding ambient light.  I am learning more how to better control the light "in camera" in my photographs so I don't have to fight with Photoshop and Lightroom later. Hopefully I will get a chance to get Delvar in the studio next...