Thursday, March 27, 2008

Points of Inspiration

A colleague asked me the other day if I thought I was being pulled away towards something else? In a Blog posting last year entitled "Cultivating Your Seeds of Greatness", I mentioned that God has a way of putting people and circumstances in our lives that are there to serve a greater purpose. I did this posting in November to serve as my personal message for the new year, sort of my national anthem if you will. I wanted to make sure my thoughts and actions lined up with what I wanted. I also wanted a level of personal accountability to ensure I was making some smart, intentional, and foundational investments in 2008 towards my greatness. I am happy to report that the soil is rich, black, moist and there is dirt underneath my fingernails; think cultivating, seeds, etc. like the Pace Picante commercial. My spring started early this year and there are green sprouts poking through the soil unearthing the new growth from the seeds that were planted in November. Not bragging just think of this as a quarterly report of my blessings.

Each of us has one of two things happening to us right now. There's either this little voice inside of us singing with so much joy that our body is convulsing under the strain to contain what is obviously getting out; "I am free and living my dream". OR, there's another voice that is sort of muffled because it's in a "panic room". It's hard to hear it through the insulated walls that protect what's outside from getting inside. But when it's very quiet you hear its' faint whisper saying "because I want to live!!!!". This not so little voice is responding, no pleading with you to your question of "why should I listen to you?" According to a FBI report on crime statistics released in September 2007, 1.41 million violent crimes were reported nationwide in 2006. How many of you are not reporting your crimes of holding this little voice hostage?

There's still time... There are a couple of tools in the link above that will help you set it free, I mean unleash your greatness or serve as points of inspiration for your journey ahead. Points that gave David victory of Goliath. Points that allowed a common man named Moses to part the red sea and continue the most important Exodus in the history of man. Points that gave Dr. Martin Luther King the faith to follow God's calling on his life to change the course of history and man. Points that gave Oprah the inspiration to become one of the most successful and giving people on the planet. Points that are yet to be revealed from your future actions towards your greatness. Points that .....

So, in the words of Nike, "Just do it" OR more importantly a page out of Microsoft's book "where do you want to go today?" As Moses said to Pharaoh "Let My People Go". May sound a little corny, cliche or maybe not relevant to our time but do whatever it takes to get on track. Whether it was November like me or January 1st, 2008, like so many others. So, did I answer the initial question? Yes I am being pulled. I am being pulled like the passengers on a jet plane off to parts unknown. Yes I am being pulled like fresh taffy from the mouth of a kid who just got his braces removed. Yes I am being pulled like the cork from a vintage bottle of wine who's owner has been saving it for such an appropriate time. The only difference I may have from some is that I "finally" chose to listen to the voice. I recognized and used my points of inspiration as a guide and now I am free.

Back to the photography.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

More from the experience Knight Workshop

What a difference a day makes; or six months in this case. Time, experience, experimentation, support of friends and family, a few smart purchases, prayer and "The experience Knight Workshop" allowed me to be able to get to this point.

Kristen was one of the students and models at the "experience Knight Workshop" I attended last month in Atlanta. She said she's an amateur at modeling but in the words of Demi Moore, "I "strenuously object". From my experience shooting her at the workshop and especially on Day 2 at Ambient Studio, she definitely knows how to make a photographer look good. She was great to work with during the workshop and I hope to get a chance to shoot her again when I get back to Atlanta to hook up with "Knight"again.

I hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as I did taking them.

Thanks again Kristen!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Experience Knight Workshop

As I mentioned in my last posting, I had the opportunity to attend a photography workshop in Atlanta last month that was hosted by a young, talented and gifted photographer in Atlanta by the name of Ross Knight. This was Ross' first of three workshops he would be hosting during the year and I was one of 11 students in his inaugural class; I like being one of the first at something.

I think all of my classmates would agree that we were very blessed during the weekend as Ross poured out his many talents and techniques from his experience over the years to help us better understand photography, develop our own creative sense and become better photographers. Mission Accomplished!!!

Ross not only taught us how to better understand the capabilities of our cameras, lighting, etc. he also taught us about the business of photography including his own personal journey. This was pretty amazing because where else would you find a seasoned professional that would open themselves up and share so much wisdom in a very unselfish manner; "give and it shall be given unto you".

We had a great time during the weekend, a lot of fun in the class, great networking among the other photographers and I also got some encouragement from the class for my recent trip to India. We all took several photos during the class and weekend and Ross was always teaching. Teaching at the happy hour before class, during class, at dinner, after the workshop officially ended Saturday afternoon and even through email to the class as recent as a week ago.

I shot a lot over the weekend and below are some of my favorite photo's associated with the class environment. I will be making two additional posts of pictures I took of the models (Kristen, Raschelle and Krystal) Ross made available to us to put the techniques he taught us into practice. Thanks to each of you ladies for being patient with us over the weekend. It also goes without saying but I want to thank you Ross for blessing each of us during the weekend. I truly feel you met each of us where we were and helped us take an interest, hobby or business to the next level.


Day 1 - Chocolate Pink Cafe

What does this button do?

Equipment review - I gotta get some of these pocket wizards

Me shooting you as you're shooting me!!

Around the corner from Chocolate Pink Cafe - Ross teaches

Do you see what I see?

He realized later that I was shooting him while we were waiting for the official model

Day 2 - Ambient Plus Studio - Very cool place to shoot
A little something to take the chill off

This studio had some awesome light

I'm shooting them while there's shooting something more serious

Ross taking pictures with class on the last day

Being silly as there's really nothing up there

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm Back!!!

I am back from my travels to India. It was an awesome trip and I am blessed to have had the experience of being immersed in a culture that is so proud, gracious and rich with history. Thanks to all the people who helped prepare me on this end of the journey as well as the people of India who hosted us and indulged my inquisitive nature.

I have created a new Blog to document my trip to India as well as other trips (domestic and international).

This Blog ( will remain and be refocused more on my photography and business. I hope everyone enjoys this new Blog and where it goes. I will be making a post this weekend about a photography workshop I attended last month hosted by a young and gifted photographer in Atlanta.

Thanks for your continued support.