Friday, February 22, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

So, how fast can you go from pajamas to cold weather gear for 11 degree night time shooting? Getting a call from your best friend at 10:00pm about a lunar eclipse gets it down to just under two minutes. I won't bore you with the technical challenges of shooting the moon at night and reflections in the lens barrel, but here are a few of the good ones. It was a great experience and I'm glad the feeling came back in my fingertips afterwhile.

The was the first total lunar eclipse in for years which took place Wednesday evening. A total lunar eclipse can only occur at a full moon and when the Sun, the Earth and the Moon align in the same plane. As the Moon moves behind the Earth it eventually becomes totally engrossed in the Earth's reddish umbral shadow.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lines All Over The Place

Ever wonder what the world would be like if we were we all headed in the same direction; kinda crowded right? Thought the same, talked the same, liked all the same foods, approached the world, lived our lives and beliefs all the same? Now I will admit that some of this might facilitate a much needed step towards peace but at whose expense? Let that one marinate for a bit.

This is a question that people struggle with in this melting pot called the "United" States of America. How can be truly be "united" as one if we are all heading if different directions as the lines on this photo depict. Americans who have enjoyed certain privileges also struggle with this notion of "same" as they size up the impact of their experiences against "change" and the perceived value of what is at personal stake for them. "Same" is easy but is it as beautiful? If these lines we are headed in the same direction then I would have never looked over the rail or pressed the shutter button. Think about the people in your lives who have had the most impact and been the most memorable; their lines are all over the place. We're not just a meat and potatoes society but we enjoy cuisines and artifacts that are truly representative of world cultures; their lines are all over the place.

What if these lines were all going in the same direction? What if there were no lines at all, just solid concrete reflected on stained or tempered glass. I for one am glad there are lines in this shot which peaked my interest, interest enough to whip out the camera and take a few random shots. If there we no lines in my view then my trip to India would be about geography versus different cultures and the 7th wonder of the world. In the words of Louis Armstrong "And I Think to Myself, What a Wonderful World". He saw the beauty in our lines being all over the place.

What if the lenses that we call our eyes saw all the same things? What if all photographers shot from the same angles and perspectives, all used the same camera along the same focal plane with all the same vision towards the world. That would definitely be a tragic situation. If truth be told these lines were all constructed in the same direction. It's just their experience in this case, the way they are reflected on the glass below or world if you will that adds to our experience of angles and variances. Their lines are all over the place.

We are all from the same creator yet we are all different based on how we are reflected on the world. Short, tall, black, white, Asian, etc, we are all reflections of God; our lines are all over the place.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

For Wendy

Sometimes people come into our lives and you can tell there’s something special about them. Sometimes we can distinguish what that something special is and other times we can’t. In those times that we can, we may not know what to call it but the things that are said, the way each of us are touched are consistent and we are never the same afterwards. These people dare to be themselves, they are the square pegs that make the rest of us realize we are round holes. They are the sweetness in the sour candy, the contrast in the light, the sparkle in the smile and the harmony in the song. Their time with us is ever so precious and the absence thereof is like the breeze without the sound. On Wednesday, we lost the essence of the sweetness, the soul of the contrast, the flair behind the sparkle and the tempo that drove the harmony.

Her physical body might be gone but her spirit will remain with us forever. Her father called her “daughter”, her husband called her “wife”, her brother called her “sister”, her friends called her Wendy, she said “what you see is pretty much what you get with me” but God’s calling was the strongest; my child it is time for you to come home to be with Me forever.

No one knows how long we really have each other and tomorrow is not promised. Enjoy all the special memories, laughter, tears, cheers, grins and other moments that define our lives together. We can’t get back yesterday and tomorrow is not promised so go and enjoy the “right now” today.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

This is a very powerful bipartisan message that transcends party lines, color lines, the racial/ethnic divide and speaks of an America that we need to take back from those that seek to divide us. No matter who wins this race, WE THE PEOPLE need to keep this message at the forefront of our minds, voices, actions and hold ourselves and our leaders accountable to it.

This may come across as though I have chosen a side and I have; I chose America.


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Giants Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giants win!!! Giants win!!!! Giants win!!!!! (Pictures courtesy of Fox Sports)

Today was a good day even though I don't have much of a voice left after that game. What about the Giants defense; best today and best in the league. The Giants went into the game as underdogs but they played like champions the entire game. My hat is goes off to the younger of the Mannings who played like the champion he is. Way to go Mr. Superbowl XLII MVP!!!

Nobody's Perfect; let me take that off your hands Mr. Brady

The Race is not given to the swift but to those that enderuth to the end

Friday, February 1, 2008

Which is Better?

I am trying to wean myself off of Abode Lightroom and work (photo editing) a bit more in Adobe Photoshop CS3. All this means for the purposes of this entry is that I can do better cropping. SO, in your humble opinions, which is more appealing to the eye? I have a favorite but I'm not telling.

Snow Day

Global warming is "playin" us here in the midwest and the temperature dropped 40 degrees in a few hours one day this week; keep on thinking this global warming is a joke. Anyway, we had a beautiful snow storm last night into this morning where God dropped a little winter wonderland on our little town. I shoveled my driveway this morning, put the "cam" in the car and hit the snow laced streets. I was the only crazy out there, well me and the snow plows; other people had better sense to stay in the house. The good news is that it allowed me to stop my car in the middle of these country roads and take some shots.

It's amazing how quick you can take a shot when you're cold and worried about a car driving into your back seat. As I was out I thought to myself "how beautiful things are when it snows". It provides a sense of purity to a world that is less than pure these days. Ever notice how quiet and peaceful it is in the early morning hours after a snow storm? Before the snow plows come you can see the snow crystals sparkling in the sunlight. There's an innocence there that reminds me of the preciousness of a newborn's smile. Welcome to "Snow Day" on the farm.