Sunday, April 18, 2010

Preaching to the Choir

When I left work yesterday, I came upon these tulips as I was driving by; I truly hope that's what they are as I am not an expert flower person, I just know what captures my eye.  As I passed them in my rush to pick kids up from activities, I said to myself, "I have got to shoot these".  Towards the end of 2008, I made a conscious decision to focus on people photography through portrait and lifestyle sessions as well as weddings; I am blessed to say I have two (weddings) booked for 2010 thus far.  Anyway, I made a decision to shoot these tulips the first chance I got which was two days later.

I picked up a 24-70mm and 16-35mm lens from my bag along with my Canon 1D Mark III and off I went.  There were landscapers close to where I was headed and I was hoping they weren't going to be a problem in terms of me being in their way and visa-versa.  When I got there, I wasn't going to get one of those shots everyone gets but I wanted something unique and different.  Being a little rusty with non-people shots, I was hoping I still had a few tricks up my sleeve.  This first shot hit me as an example of the power of God's love in allowing us to prosper in his Grace thus the title "Preaching to the Choir".  Here's hoping I got there folks.  Enjoy your spring and summer ahead from David N. Beasley Jr. Photography.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Got Knowledge? - A Different Kind of Blog Entry

Talking with another aspiring photographer today reminded me about my journey over the last few years as a photographer. No more “similac” and “pull-ups” if I can use those two analogies; we’ve made it to solid foods. I’m almost like the teenager who just got his/her license and is asking Mom and Dad for the keys to the Buick. Photography to me has been one of the most rewarding, inspiring, life changing, difficult, frustrating, annoying things I have ever developed a passion for and I would have it no other way. There is still so much to learn, experiment with and explore that will keep me occupied for quite some time but if it didn’t, I would be bored out of my mind and uninspired.

Over the last 8 months, I have been put in situations where I’ve been asked questions about photography from other young and aspiring photographers that I actually know the answers to; how cool is that…? Way too soon to claim victory but it’s a great feeling none-the-less. So this is one of those Blog entries that’s not about the pictures but more about the thought (s). Inspire someone today! This can come via your photography… If you’re not a photographer use your words (kind words), sharing of knowledge or by reaffirming “yes you can”!!! Someone today needs to hear those words. Someone out there is struggling trying to figure something out that’s pretty important to them and YOU might be the one to help get them over the hump. Someone needs to hear YOUR story so they can “see themselves in it”. Remember, someone or someones did it for you at some point on your journey so now it’s time to “pay it forward”!

The beauty of having a photography Blog is that someone may stop by, maybe just for a moment, and see the pretty pictures. But us “real” bloggers share more than that in hopes that pictures might serve as a “window” into what we have in “common” versus what might “separate” us. Today everyone is choosing up who’s side there going to be on, like we did back when we played kickball on the playground. BUT, who’s going to pick the new kid and help him/her out… I have been blessed to travel across the United States, India, Jamaica, etc. and have learned that we all smile the same, have the same fears, share similar interest and all need knowledge to complete more of this puzzle we call life. Drop by someone today and give them the piece they’ve been looking for… Got Knowledge?

For A.Morris…