Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Something Beautiful is Coming.......

Last week I had the opportunity to me a young couple (Brittany & CJ) and do my second pregnancy shoot.  I was a little apprehensive having not met prior the couple prior, not having the opportunity for a phone conversation, or even doing a lot of these types of shoot.  However, when shooting such a fun and beautiful couple who's energy is so amazing it made my job very easy and we had some laughs in the process; especially when the Godmother showed up and started playing momma and trying to direct traffic.

Baby is due in July and I will be there for the upcoming baby shower later this month.  Hint, hint, can you guess the sex of the baby???????


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Da Bean & Da Broad

Last time I did some great landscape shooting in Chicago I was with my best friend Willis Lonzer and we shot some very cool bridges in the City.  Well I wasn't as diligent then as I am now and I lost most of the shots from that shoot but you can see two of them in the "Travel" section of my website under Chicago.  This time I decided to learn from that experience, title the folder where the shots are located MUCH better than before and backup my shots.

My girlfriend and I were up before the "crack-of-dawn" and were headed to "Da Bean" to get some unabstructed shots before things got busy.  She was a real trooper and convinced me to take the bus versus the 2.5 mile walk in the morning.  Glad she did because the lighting was perfect by the time I got setup and any later would have made for some harsh lighting on "Da Bean"......  

On our way back, we needed to stop by Walgreen's to hydrate and that's when we ran into "Da Broad".  I didn't want to just take the standard shot with Marilyn looking right back at me so I made my way around this beautiful blonde "Da Broad" and I set my camera to give off a star pattern on the building and framed the shot so I looked as though "Da Broad" was looking up to "Da Stars".  I call this shot "The Starts are OUT!!!!!!!".......  See if you can pick up on where I'm going with this.

More blogging ahead as I get back in the "groove" again. Been a long time since I've had a steady presence out here.  Thanks for those encouraging me (Leann and Crystal) to get back out here again.  Everything in its season and thank God mine has arrived again.......


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Black is Beautiful, Black is Power

About 6 months ago I embarked on a project entitled "Black is Beautiful/Black is Power".  This project is part of my "Same Sun" series that focuses on people from different races, geographies and experiences and the aspects of life that bring us together once we effectively move beyond what we "perceive" based on outward appearences.

I am still in the early stages of the project but excited about where it will lead and the conversations that will ensue.  For now, here's a beautiful black and white photo from the project.......

Black is Beautiful!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's All In The Details.......

When I'm really in my zone with my camera, I just love shooting details.  They are easy to miss sometimes because of the "job at hand", trying to capture "the big picture" and make everyone happy but sometimes we as photographers need to capture a little something for ourselves in the process.

I took this shot last year during a shoot just because I loved the way the bangles matched the Saree and how the white background just sort of made them glow and come alive.  Most people will blow right past a shot like this but when I see this I see "Art" and I'm ok with this "Art" being just for me.  It might make it onto my studio wall so I don't forget the importance/significant of shooting details or another side of beauty that we often don't associate with beauty.......

Here's to the details.......


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Half Saree #3

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot a "Half Saree" event for an Indian family.  This was the third event of this type that I've done and I've had the opportunity to see a couple of the young ladies grow up which is really awesome!!!!!!!  It is very special to see all of the families come together to bless and support the family and the joy exhibited throughout the event.

I hope to do many more of these here in the local community and abroad and to watch these young ladies grow into women.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little Women

These two little women captured my eye on "Day 1" at the Kral wedding rehearsal and were the epitomy of cuteness througout the weekend.  They were so excited about the day and looked very cute in their dresses.  In this picture they were gazing out from the hotel room down to the front entrance.  It was so cool as they called out "We See Marines", as they caught a glimpse of the groom and his brother dressed in their "Marine" dress blues.  The moment was so cool that I had to get this shot.  More from this wedding soon.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shoot What You Love.......

A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Shefali; a woman with as much if not more inner beauty then she has on the outside.  Since then, I feel like I've become part of the family shooting her sister Amish and meeting her parents on a couple different occasions.

There are times when I photograph people, I love to shoot details of their beauty, clothing, etc; this was one of those times.  Shefali was wearing one of her beautiful Sarees and I took very detailed shots of her bangles, earrings, lips, etc.  I didn't crop these in photoshot but used a long lens to capture what was most appealing to me.  This is an example of one of those shots.......

With Spring time coming, I plan to get my "Same Sun" project back in full swing.  This image has got to find it into the book project in some shape, form or fashion.  Stay true to your passions and "shoot what you love".


Sunday, March 4, 2012

It All Starts with the Dress

Looking back, this will be one of the most amazing wedding photo's I've ever taken. I am looking forward to many more ahead.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Growth is a four letter word.......

Coming back online next month with a new look, new content and my old familiar insightful perspective. The downtime was cool but now it's time to get back to the business of blogging.