Friday, October 19, 2007

Sky on Fire

I was out driving around with my sons yesterday early evening and ran across this sky. The clouds had been moving fast all day long and this sky was no different. I quickly pulled into a parking lot, and started shooting while my sons ran to the playground. I didn't get a chance to set the camera as I just got out of the car and started shooting. The rainbow in this 3rd photo only lasted a few minutes. Enjoy!

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littlecricket said...

A slice of an instant, a moment of memory
The world for a second captured and held
in the palm of our heart, in the eyes of his mind

Visually offering an afterthought
Becoming the present, time after time
Albums of emotion, eternally unchanged
The heart and soul of a photographer's lens

Displaying, conveying radical truth
Beautiful honesty, the feeling in a click
A snapshot of caged desire
Freezing the moment, freeing the man