Thursday, July 10, 2008

Downtown Boyz

I took the Boyz to the park to go swimming the other day and made a slight detour to downtown Bloomington on the way. I have wanted to shoot in front of this sign/brick wall for quite some time now and I finally got my chance with some more then willing subjects. The Boyz obliged and made it fun for the short time we were there getting our "shoot" on. They also appreciated the attention we got from cars and people walking by wondering if these guys were movie stars or something. Not sure when they will hit the BIG screen but as you can tell from these shots, they are pretty confident (full-of-it) with themselves. "Uptown Girls" don't have anything on my "Downtown Boyz"!

LL Cool Jay

Al- Money

Miah Baby!

Not really sure what this is but it looked cool

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