Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Will it Go Round in Circles

Remember the Billy Preston song from 1972 "Will It Go Round in Circles?" Well it seem to fit as I first saw these circles a couple of weeks ago tomorrow. I was taking my son to the store to get some supplies for a science project; he got an "A" by the way. On my way in to the store, I noticed these very cool circles flanking the entrance of the store. I said to him, I need to do a shoot here or something. Well I took all three boys back that afternoon to take some quick shots. Well my daughter wants me to take her Senior Pictures so on the way home from picking her up from work, we stopped by the circles so could get a sense of her camera shyness or lack thereof in her case. There was no advance planning but I did have some ideas on how I wanted to position her and she did the rest. Not bad for 5 minutes worth of shooting. I plan on coming back here for an actual shoot but here are some shots of Toniya from our quick drive by.


Wicked Wicks said...

Dave these shots came out very nice. Your daughter is gorgeous, and a great photo subject to compliment the circles.

Anonymous said...

Dave, these photos are FABULOUS!! Love how the sun is hitting just so. Love how you capture half of the circle on some of these. Love the positioning. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Those circles have a lot of potential...can't wait to see what you do with them in the coming months.