Saturday, October 10, 2009

UPDATED: Site is NOW UP!!!Fruits of my Labor

I am not nor do I plan on getting pregnant in the near future; it would really mess up my figure. LOL. Ok, so I got that joke out of the way. I am excited an announce the launch of my new website at

It’s been about 9+ months in the making in terms of trying new things out, learning about the art of photography, practice, practice and more practice and learning to get to the next level of maturity in this business. I have been blessed through the support of my family, mentors and other photographers who have been there to answer questions, critique my work and provide me with the support needed to take this to the next level.

Old site; had to start somewhere. Navigation was kind of clunky, pictures didn’t necessarily display all that well in the small box but it was exactly what I needed based on where I was. Here are a few shots from the old site.

I blogged about my new site a few weeks ago where I discussed the new features and functionality and feel now is the time to “Go Live” with it. I will be adding to the new site as I shoot more of the weddings and other work planned for the rest of 2009 and beyond. Here are a few screen captures from my new site which should be active in the next day or two.

I will update this Blog entry once the new site is live. Stay tuned...


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