Thursday, March 3, 2011

Man of Steel

I had the opportunity to meet Delvar during the first practice for the Macy's Fashion show.  As soon as I met this brotha I thought, gotta get him in the "port" right away.  Well that didn't happen for a bit as practice and work kept me pretty busy but we finally got a quick shoot in after the show was over.  Delvar had done runway modeling in the past but as you can tell, his skills extend beyond the runway.  I gave him some direction but he didn't need much and we got a lot of great images in a short period of time.

We found an alley where I was able to control most of the light and used a small Westcott softbox to illuminate him and knock down some of the surrounding ambient light.  I am learning more how to better control the light "in camera" in my photographs so I don't have to fight with Photoshop and Lightroom later. Hopefully I will get a chance to get Delvar in the studio next...


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