Thursday, April 5, 2012

Da Bean & Da Broad

Last time I did some great landscape shooting in Chicago I was with my best friend Willis Lonzer and we shot some very cool bridges in the City.  Well I wasn't as diligent then as I am now and I lost most of the shots from that shoot but you can see two of them in the "Travel" section of my website under Chicago.  This time I decided to learn from that experience, title the folder where the shots are located MUCH better than before and backup my shots.

My girlfriend and I were up before the "crack-of-dawn" and were headed to "Da Bean" to get some unabstructed shots before things got busy.  She was a real trooper and convinced me to take the bus versus the 2.5 mile walk in the morning.  Glad she did because the lighting was perfect by the time I got setup and any later would have made for some harsh lighting on "Da Bean"......  

On our way back, we needed to stop by Walgreen's to hydrate and that's when we ran into "Da Broad".  I didn't want to just take the standard shot with Marilyn looking right back at me so I made my way around this beautiful blonde "Da Broad" and I set my camera to give off a star pattern on the building and framed the shot so I looked as though "Da Broad" was looking up to "Da Stars".  I call this shot "The Starts are OUT!!!!!!!".......  See if you can pick up on where I'm going with this.

More blogging ahead as I get back in the "groove" again. Been a long time since I've had a steady presence out here.  Thanks for those encouraging me (Leann and Crystal) to get back out here again.  Everything in its season and thank God mine has arrived again.......


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Stephanie said...

Epic! Nice work w/ the incredible sun flare there!