Thursday, November 29, 2007


A very successful counselor once said to me” I’d like to think we are always in the process of becoming”. Her words hit home to me as I look at my own life over the last 3-4 years. For those that know me well, I am very critical of myself and can always tell you what I should have done versus what is. As I was reminded this week about this state of “becoming” I thought about this picture from a photo shoot I did with a family of three. The picture depicts a mothers care and the innocence of youth that exists in all of us while we’re in this state. Look at the exchange between the two, the eyes and the smiles on their faces. The innocence of youth and an outlook for a very blessed and prosperous tomorrow.

It’s not about a “beginning” or an “end” but about the journey on our way towards “becoming”. After the turkey has been carved, presents opened, we will go through that ever so familiar process of resolutions for the year ahead. Let this picture and these words help guide you for the New Year ahead. Be blessed!!!





Coach4Divas said...

Wouldn't it be great if the process of becoming was more intentional? What if that young girl and millions like her would choose to take that innocence and channel it in a way that is unique expression of who they are? What if we all would stop patting our children on the head and telling them our lies that "life is hard" or "you have to pay your dues" and instead encourage them to pursue a path that feels right to THEM and not one that makes us as parents proud enough enough to brag about at the next unit meeting. Ever notice how embarrassed parents are of their "misbehaving" children yet shout it from the rooftops (or put bumper stickers on their cars) when their kid make the honor roll?

The process of becoming is unique. Not a predictable path with the one-size fits all milestones. My hope for this beautiful young girl is that she sings her own song, walks her own path and KNOWS that no matter what, she is ALWAYS loved and supported.

Wouldn't it be great if we could all give each other the freedom to become?

littlecricket said...

I agree that life would be more robust if we wouldn't become so complacent, but we sometimes get too "comfortable". Life becomes rote and we don't question it. We settle. We settle when we choose a partner and we settle in terms of what we are actually capable of achieving. We stop becoming intentional about personal growth and become desensitized to life itself. We become the "white noise" rather than the symphony and the sad part is, we are ok with it. We need to step back occasionally and reflect on our behavior, our words, our emotions, and ask ourselves, "With all that I'm doing today, what will I become?" because we are all on a path to somewhere, but I think sometimes we forget to consider the roads we've chosen to travel. We forget where we wanted to end up.

Life IS hard, but it's supposed to be; it's part of the beauty. From the greatest adversity, we gain the most growth. As difficult as it may seem, when we can truly see the bad times in our life as gifts, we will have finally found the knowledge we've been seeking. There is a reason why we say, "No pain, no gain" - because it's true. When you've struggled for a very long time to catch that dream, you never, ever take it for granted. I have not skated through life, but I am grateful. Life has been hard, but I am still grateful. For everything that has not defeated me, has brought me to this moment and this moment is a glorious one.

Coach4Divas said...

yes, yes, yes to little cricket for celebrating the moments that have helped shaped the brilliance they are!!

life was never intended to be "hard." we choose to make it so. we are to learn, to play, to grow. struggle is optional. i'm not saying that "stuff" doesn't happen but it's how we see it that creates the struggle. not the event itself.

everything that occurs does indeed hold gifts to help us grow and evolve along the journey. you can choose to believe in "no pain, no gain" and then it becomes TRUE for you. the statement in and of itself is not.

what if you choose to believe that everything is an adventure? that life is a treasure hunt and the world is our playground? trust me, i didn't always believe in this. i was raised like many people, to believe that there is something freakin' noble about struggle and hardship.

no longer.

i no longer choose to take anything in my life for granted. nor do i choose to believe that i'll appreciate something more if i shed some blood over it.

life is easy. life is hard. whatever you believe is what becomes true.

wishing you ease, peace & flow!