Saturday, November 17, 2007

Courage and Destiny

How do you measure courage? Is courage measured by the limitations others put on you, by the wind they take out of your sails or by the lack of support and encouragement as you step into your destiny? No, it's just the opposite and so much more!!!!! We are not who other people say we are because we have been given favor to overcome obstacles on the journey towards destiny. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't be something great or try to put their limitations on you because "your" promise is in "you" not "them".

I did a photo shoot with a good friend a few weeks ago and asked her permission to post a few photo's on my blog. She specifically asked that I not associate her name with the photos. I accommodated her and said that I would refer to her as a personal coach, close friend and mentor. She asked me when did I become a mentor? She didn't realize that how much I admired the courage she exhibited on the road to her destiny. How much I benefited from her formal and informal counsel through the challenges in my life. When she had no choice but to give in to her destiny, people around her made up their own minds about why she was stepping out of the corporate model. Their thought process was very much a product of the limitations they placed on themselves and their dreams. Others like myself admired her courage and wondered "if"....... Here's to courage and destiny yet realized.


Crystal said...


These are great! I like the reflection in the glasses.

You definitely have a passion for this.

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Anonymous said...

Courage? Courage is walking right into failure with your head up and leaving with your spirit intact. So many times, I've had to look straight into the lights of the oncoming subway train and just think to myself, "It's gonna hurt and I'll bleed myself dry, but dammit, I'll get up and walk away because I have to."
I've got scars that I have to look at every day, but I'm not dead and that makes all the difference. When I arrive at the Pearly Gates, I may be covered in Band Aids, but I will have rescued my soul.