Thursday, March 27, 2008

Points of Inspiration

A colleague asked me the other day if I thought I was being pulled away towards something else? In a Blog posting last year entitled "Cultivating Your Seeds of Greatness", I mentioned that God has a way of putting people and circumstances in our lives that are there to serve a greater purpose. I did this posting in November to serve as my personal message for the new year, sort of my national anthem if you will. I wanted to make sure my thoughts and actions lined up with what I wanted. I also wanted a level of personal accountability to ensure I was making some smart, intentional, and foundational investments in 2008 towards my greatness. I am happy to report that the soil is rich, black, moist and there is dirt underneath my fingernails; think cultivating, seeds, etc. like the Pace Picante commercial. My spring started early this year and there are green sprouts poking through the soil unearthing the new growth from the seeds that were planted in November. Not bragging just think of this as a quarterly report of my blessings.

Each of us has one of two things happening to us right now. There's either this little voice inside of us singing with so much joy that our body is convulsing under the strain to contain what is obviously getting out; "I am free and living my dream". OR, there's another voice that is sort of muffled because it's in a "panic room". It's hard to hear it through the insulated walls that protect what's outside from getting inside. But when it's very quiet you hear its' faint whisper saying "because I want to live!!!!". This not so little voice is responding, no pleading with you to your question of "why should I listen to you?" According to a FBI report on crime statistics released in September 2007, 1.41 million violent crimes were reported nationwide in 2006. How many of you are not reporting your crimes of holding this little voice hostage?

There's still time... There are a couple of tools in the link above that will help you set it free, I mean unleash your greatness or serve as points of inspiration for your journey ahead. Points that gave David victory of Goliath. Points that allowed a common man named Moses to part the red sea and continue the most important Exodus in the history of man. Points that gave Dr. Martin Luther King the faith to follow God's calling on his life to change the course of history and man. Points that gave Oprah the inspiration to become one of the most successful and giving people on the planet. Points that are yet to be revealed from your future actions towards your greatness. Points that .....

So, in the words of Nike, "Just do it" OR more importantly a page out of Microsoft's book "where do you want to go today?" As Moses said to Pharaoh "Let My People Go". May sound a little corny, cliche or maybe not relevant to our time but do whatever it takes to get on track. Whether it was November like me or January 1st, 2008, like so many others. So, did I answer the initial question? Yes I am being pulled. I am being pulled like the passengers on a jet plane off to parts unknown. Yes I am being pulled like fresh taffy from the mouth of a kid who just got his braces removed. Yes I am being pulled like the cork from a vintage bottle of wine who's owner has been saving it for such an appropriate time. The only difference I may have from some is that I "finally" chose to listen to the voice. I recognized and used my points of inspiration as a guide and now I am free.

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Crystal said...

Thanks Dave,

This was very enlightening! I greatly appreciate you sharing you thoughts with all of us.

With gratitude,


KS said...

Awesome! =)