Saturday, March 15, 2008

Experience Knight Workshop

As I mentioned in my last posting, I had the opportunity to attend a photography workshop in Atlanta last month that was hosted by a young, talented and gifted photographer in Atlanta by the name of Ross Knight. This was Ross' first of three workshops he would be hosting during the year and I was one of 11 students in his inaugural class; I like being one of the first at something.

I think all of my classmates would agree that we were very blessed during the weekend as Ross poured out his many talents and techniques from his experience over the years to help us better understand photography, develop our own creative sense and become better photographers. Mission Accomplished!!!

Ross not only taught us how to better understand the capabilities of our cameras, lighting, etc. he also taught us about the business of photography including his own personal journey. This was pretty amazing because where else would you find a seasoned professional that would open themselves up and share so much wisdom in a very unselfish manner; "give and it shall be given unto you".

We had a great time during the weekend, a lot of fun in the class, great networking among the other photographers and I also got some encouragement from the class for my recent trip to India. We all took several photos during the class and weekend and Ross was always teaching. Teaching at the happy hour before class, during class, at dinner, after the workshop officially ended Saturday afternoon and even through email to the class as recent as a week ago.

I shot a lot over the weekend and below are some of my favorite photo's associated with the class environment. I will be making two additional posts of pictures I took of the models (Kristen, Raschelle and Krystal) Ross made available to us to put the techniques he taught us into practice. Thanks to each of you ladies for being patient with us over the weekend. It also goes without saying but I want to thank you Ross for blessing each of us during the weekend. I truly feel you met each of us where we were and helped us take an interest, hobby or business to the next level.


Day 1 - Chocolate Pink Cafe

What does this button do?

Equipment review - I gotta get some of these pocket wizards

Me shooting you as you're shooting me!!

Around the corner from Chocolate Pink Cafe - Ross teaches

Do you see what I see?

He realized later that I was shooting him while we were waiting for the official model

Day 2 - Ambient Plus Studio - Very cool place to shoot
A little something to take the chill off

This studio had some awesome light

I'm shooting them while there's shooting something more serious

Ross taking pictures with class on the last day

Being silly as there's really nothing up there


Ross Knight said...

Hey David, it was great having you in the class! Good luck with everything and I look forward to seeing you when you come back down to Atlanta.


Hope said...

David, wasn't that a great workshop. Ross was so energized, even teaching during dinner! I was determined to get the "Lady In Red" and yes she was quite lovely. You two are a beautiful couple.


phillygirl16 said...

David, thanks for sharing your photos. I'm scheduled for the next workshop and am soooo excited! Your shots actually make me a little nervous because I am so new to this and everyone looks like they really know what they're doing. Nevertheless, Mr. Knight has offered to teach, so I'm willing to learn. I appreciate you allowing me to peek into your experience--you've raised my expectations!

Natarsha said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. It looks like it was an amazing experience.