Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hope for Tomorrow

Time to step aside and look towards tomorrow is what I thought while sitting in the audience at this 6th - 7th grade band concert. Its' been more years then I want to acknowledge that I too propped my music on a similar music stand with first note butterflies of anxiety over the melodic tunes of my elementary school days. There was nothing elementary about growing up during my time and now look at what the "Hope for Tomorrow" faces in this new global economy and society.

As I sat there trying to convince myself that we sounded this good when I was in the band, I felt a sense of peace about the kids who sit in these chairs today; the kids now playing the melodic tones. Very much understanding that these kids will be the same kids inventing and realizing the future for tomorrow. No worries, we didn't get our stuff perfect but we had God on our side in the midst of everything else happening with the world. "He's not dead" and these kids are quite capable as their tones proved between the measures and key signature changes. Such are the lives we lead each day and Stevie Wonder knew this all too well as he developed the Double Album "Songs in the Key of Life". While the songs may have changes, they are still set to the same keys of their lives. Melodies married to harmony are one in the same; I truly have nothing but respect and "Hope for their tomorrow".

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