Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's that time

Look and listen for the slow rumble of garage doors as they reveal men and women across the nation fitted in green tinted shoes about to go about the manicuring the green stuff. Off in the distance is the roar of lawn mowers followed by the smell of freshly cut grass, that squeaky machine that invokes the white chalk lines on the green diamond followed by the sound of "play ball" and the sound of leather on leather in a brown puff of smoke.

It's where we spend our weekends in folding chairs, dodging foul balls and looking at our watches to check the time. Yes and even on our knees out view of our little ball players praying for rain out of sheer exhaustion from the work week. Yes it's SPRING and time for baseball baby!!!!!

1 comment:

Prudence said...

I'm so not a sports fan. In fact, I hate sports. But, I love to picture with the balls in the grass. Nice work.