Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Jacksons

I had the opportunity to shoot the Jackson trio a couple of weeks ago and it was a lot of fun and an adventure at the same time. It was beautiful fall day, lots of light, wind, clouds and chilly weather as the sun ducked in and out of the clouds making the shoot very challenging. In a matter of a moment, a properly exposed shot turned into a white-out so we had to make some adjustments and pay attention to what the clouds were doing.

The Jackson's, or should I say the very photogenic Jackson's were troopers till the end and with lots of hair spray, good timing and backup jackets, we pulled it off!!! I never thought I would have the opportunity to shoot this family but the opportunity presented itself and I believe they were happy with the outcome. Here are a few pictures from the shoot. Stay tuned for the slideshow in the coming week.


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