Monday, April 27, 2009

Been Away Too Long..

Sorry I’ve been away from the Blogosphere for a bit. My Mark III is back in my possession and I have been putting it through its paces. I still think there is a focusing issue with the camera but I don’t have time to send it back to Cannon for another look. The weekend before last I shot the Black Canvas Project and yesterday one of our MIY models who going to make a run at modeling. Once you see his pictures you’ll quickly realize that this young man has a great chance at making it.

Yesterday’s shoot with Malcolm went very well but this darn wind in Central Illinois bent my photography umbrella, broke my cold shoe flash bracket and sawed off my brass monkey. I was too busy to get pissed and think about how much that gust of wind cost me. I knew I should have gotten some sand bags so it’s my fault. I am headed out of town this weekend, west coast bound, so a couple quick post this week and I will be offline for 11 days but will have some very cool shots when I get back.

I'll be Blogging yawl...

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