Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Trust between a photographer and subject isn't something that is given but it is earned; especially when you are experimenting or trying something new as I was a couple of weeks ago with these three young ladies.

Several weeks ago, I got the bright idea of doing a “mini fashion shoot” to play with some different aspects of lighting and showcase these three very beautiful young ladies. I had worked with two of them in the past and brought a new young lady into the mix who is very eager to learn more about modeling. This would be all off camera lighting with some “make shift” backgrounds I made from foam core. I thought that if the seasoned pros can do it then so can I. Don’t let anybody fool you, it is hard work getting the lighting right, especially if you don’t have access to or a permanent studio setup.

I love photography and I like challenges so off I went with my oldest son in tow. Well I was a bit overwhelmed when everyone first got there but thank God for my oldest son who was a tremendous help to his Dad. Each model posed in three different outfits and we were hopping moving the light around, adjusting backgrounds, etc. While I’m not ready to call Glamour Magazine, I am pleased with how things turned out from this session and wanted to share some of the top pictures from the day. Being the person I am, I have analyzed my performance/work to the Nth degree and will be using what I learned as I move forward. This shoot was purposely done “in tight” based on my vision and what I had in the way of backgrounds. It was a great learning experience and I got some lovely photo’s for these young ladies. Not sure where I will go with this fashion thing but much of photography is about trying new things and learning from the experiences.

Kelli, Puja, Jo, outstanding work!!! Thank you for being my “clay” and allowing me to shape you.



Elise said...

These are Awesome pictures!
Great work Dave!

Angel said...

Dave, these shots came out awesome.

1i_Studios said...

LOVE this photograph!!!!