Wednesday, July 22, 2009

JoAnne - Part 2

Last month I had the opportunity to meet Joe who is a lovely young lady who can give several different awesome looks in the wink of an eye. She can been seen in my post entitled "Fashionable" but here are a few more gems from our first visit.

When Joe, her Mom and nephew walked through the door I said "Wow"; this young lady is very cute and going to be fun to shoot. Joe and I never met, so I started telling her about myself, kids, family and passion for photography and then off we went to shoot. Almost immediately we formed a trust which led to some great photo's and the beginning of journey as I find more opportunities to showcase her through my work. Enjoy these shots and stay tuned for more of Joe.

I'll be Blogging you!!!


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lj studios said...

wow! The light in her eyes is amazing! Were you using a reflector here? AGAIN - great work!