Sunday, January 31, 2010


I had the opportunity to shoot at one of the local colleges in town for one of many Asian organizations in the area promoting cultural awareness through celebrating Chinese New Year.  I had a wonderful time as I knew I would meeting people, learning more about the culture and enjoying in the pageantry and colors that are just a part of the Asian culture.

I hadn't shot in almost two months and definitely felt a little rusty but it's like riding a bike right!  There were many other photographers present which must have been an interesting sight to see as we ducked and crawled around on the floor trying to get shots, not get in each others way and exchange "hello's" in the process.  There wasn't shortage of sights to shoot during the 90 minute program.  I took my fair share of photographs during the event but this photo of a little girl trying to REACH onto the stage during one of the performances is one of my early favorites.  I believe will stand the test of time and I hope you agree.  I call it "REACH".


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