Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tatjana - From Russia with Love

By the time this gets posted, Reagan's blog "Not a Bad Shot" will be live.  Reagan was one of the first people I've ever shot where I couldn't take a bad shot and while that still rings true, here comes Tatjana. I didn't know she was from Russia till we began our conversation and started sharing our stories.  I truly believe that this is not a meeting of chance but speaks to my ministry of meeting and experiencing people from other cultures with experiences different from those of my own. 

Tatjana and I are going to hook up this month for a fashion shoot of sorts and are currently collaborating on what this looks like.  Whatever we come up with I promise you will be very fashionable, striking and beautiful.  I will be launching a new joint website with Tommie Chadwick (makeup and hairstylist) for my fashion work which is moving along and maturing very nicely.  I pray you keep coming back for more beautiful images and updates my other projects.


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