Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Things We Take For Granted

While not necessarily inspired by the season, it's always good to find "center" by reflecting on the many blessings we have around us each day. I have wireless internet access throughout my house but it has been acting up for the past few days so I am sitting in front of my router with my ethernet cable in order to publish this entry. Having anything other than stable internet connectivity each day never crosses my mind because its been so reliable. Now that I actually have to get off my butt and move to a different location to access the internet has made me realize how lazy I've become; God forbid I lose the remote to the TV. Being challenged with this internet issue makes this blog even that much more appropriate.

This little guy and his friends were outside of my garage almost every day this summer. Without anymore then a passing glance from me, they went about their task of adding to the beauty of the neighborhood. I on the other hand was too busy running to work, kids to sports and traveling to other places to notice their handy work. It wasn't until they were literally in my way one day that I had no choice but to pay attention. I then ran and got my camera to capture their beauty but waited until today for a reason to share them with the world and acknowledge my shortcomings. There are a lot of beautiful things in this world that are blessing us each day. Learn from my example and don't wait till they interupt your routine before you acknowledge their presence.


Coach4Divas said...

Love this. Very insightful.

Considering the places I've lived, (Fl, CA, AZ & NY) along with all of my travels, I could depress myself thinking about the "little things" I missed. Far too often, I was too busy to stop and take notice of the gift of my surroundings. Or even the gift of my

Through your work, you are helping us become more aware. More in touch with the moment. It is in the NOW that the miracle exists. These guys just stopped by to make sure you got that..on camera. :)

Anonymous said...

You're right Lisa. I too have spent too much time thinking about temporary stuff and missed the "little things" which are really the big things. The lilt and sincerity in my lover's voice when he says, "I love you dearly" is huge. The depth and breadth in my son's voice when he says, "I love you mom" penetrates my heart in a way that nourishes me for days. I still let the corporate world peck away at me like a hen in the barnyard, but I've become much better at sponging up moments as they happen. I've never been happier as right now... and not because I have no problems, but because I finally feel that I am on the right path.