Saturday, January 5, 2008

Disney Animal Kingdom

I have a few more pictures to post from my trip, quick trip, to Disney Animal Kingdom last year. I had a plane to catch 3 hours from entering the park and I'm still struggling with whether the $75 ticket to get into the park was worth it. I did however get some cool shots.

I got to the park so early and was in such a rush that I forgot where I parked the rental car. Thank God for one of the park attendants or should I say "cast members" that helped me figure out where I parked based on the time I entered the park. Thanks to Disney for being so anal I mean "efficient" and thanks to these animals for posing for me so nicely. If you visit the park this year, smile at them nice for me.

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Kimmeesook said...

Wow! 3 hours before your flight? Impressive. =P I've only been to the animal kingdom once, which was when I lived in Florida. I wanna go back and visit someday... and also visit Epcot again.