Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sneakers – Beyond the Leather

Hold on to the straight jacket for now and keep an open mind; that’s what I was thinking as people watched me take several of these shots. What the heck is he shooting and do we need to call the police? Even my own son who’s “sneakers” are pictured here twice asked me “why are you shooting that again Dad”? Well hang on for the ride, it may get a bit bumpy!

This started out with me looking at what I thought were some very cool sneakers and wondering how much the parents shelled out on them for their little superstars. Then I thought, what type of personality do “sneakers” take on while they are executing the actions of the brain; the wearer? Okay, I’m sure I’ve lost a few after that statement and that’s okay as this isn’t for the faint of heart.

What differentiates the champions' “sneakers” from those that just show up? “Get Your Head in the Game!!!”. Are their movements more calculated, precise, deliberate, sneaky, crafted, aggressive, and intense and what does that say about the owner? Is this a situational thing or does this attitude reflect in their personality and how does that translate to the way they live their lives? Is the condition of the “sneaker” a reflection of the triumphs, being outmatched by the opponent or being late to practice and how does it truly rebound??? Where is the mind; the author which orders its steps? In the game, watching the cheerleaders or anticipating the actions of the opponent and how does that manifest itself into its subsequent steps? Whether "at rest" or in motion they are always anticipating, it’s just a matter of “what”, “how” and “when”.

Is anybody wondering what kind of love went into the making of these sneakers; you know they’ve had many makers and shakers. The designers, marketers, countries of origin, buyers, coaches, referees, mentors, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, teachers and each of you reading this Blog as you cheer or yell in support and/or in hindrance of their actions. It would be interesting to learn just how much time and effort we put into them because you know, they are just “sneakers”.

So open up your “window to the world” and enjoy the “sneakers”; yes we do call them “sneakers” and not “tennis shoes”; different type of court, game and US perspective but we won’t go there. I’m sure you will never look at them the same anymore and that’s the purpose of “Sneakers – Beyond the Leather”.


Kimmeesook said...

Nice entry and great shots. I think you're giving sneakers the attention they finally deserve. Isn't it fun to give life and personality to things we would normally deem as an inanimate objects.

My sneakers have traveled more than some of my friends. How fortunate they are to have journeyed on same pavement as historians and other noblemen/women before my time.

Coach4Divas said...

Interesting shots. I can only imagine the looks you must have gotten.

I remember a time when every b-baller wore black or white Converse. Talent and tenacity seemed more important than fashion sense.

But it does make me wonder about our stories. Why did the designer pick those particular colors? Why did the manufacturer and retailers decide to make or sell a particular shoe over another? What's the story they've told themselves?

What's the story that kid or parent tell themselves when purchasing the shoe? What persona does the wearer take on because they have this particular brand over another?

We all tell ourselves a story when we make a decision. Whether picking a shoe, buying a car, or deciding who our friends will be, there is a story we've told ourselves that validates our choice.

"Beyond the Leather" there is a story. If we could look behind the obvious, we could go a long way in understanding each other if we took time to hear someone else's story.

Emily Dickinson said...

These are good, but I would have liked to have seen more diversity. These shots were all taken on the court... all young boys, probably. What about girls? What about the people over age 10? What about the basket of dirty, "gently-used" sneakers right inside my front door? I wasn't looking so much at the sneakers as at the motion; the whole story. A shoe is a shoe, but when a photo speaks to me, then I listen. I'd say go further with this and show me some sneakers that recite a novel. You can obviously take a good picture, now speak a thousand words with one click. You have raw talent. You need to show me what I can't see even though I'm looking right at it.