Thursday, February 14, 2008

For Wendy

Sometimes people come into our lives and you can tell there’s something special about them. Sometimes we can distinguish what that something special is and other times we can’t. In those times that we can, we may not know what to call it but the things that are said, the way each of us are touched are consistent and we are never the same afterwards. These people dare to be themselves, they are the square pegs that make the rest of us realize we are round holes. They are the sweetness in the sour candy, the contrast in the light, the sparkle in the smile and the harmony in the song. Their time with us is ever so precious and the absence thereof is like the breeze without the sound. On Wednesday, we lost the essence of the sweetness, the soul of the contrast, the flair behind the sparkle and the tempo that drove the harmony.

Her physical body might be gone but her spirit will remain with us forever. Her father called her “daughter”, her husband called her “wife”, her brother called her “sister”, her friends called her Wendy, she said “what you see is pretty much what you get with me” but God’s calling was the strongest; my child it is time for you to come home to be with Me forever.

No one knows how long we really have each other and tomorrow is not promised. Enjoy all the special memories, laughter, tears, cheers, grins and other moments that define our lives together. We can’t get back yesterday and tomorrow is not promised so go and enjoy the “right now” today.


Kristin said...

Dave, you have such a beautiful way with words. Thank you for so eloquently stating what my broken heart is feeling right now. Wendy, I love you and miss you, girlfriend.

Kim said...

Wendy would say to me, 'You only go around this big ball once, so you better enjoy it!' Wendy did just that. I will miss your smiling face and hearing 'hey, girlfriend!!' in the hall. May God bless you and those you have left behind.