Sunday, February 3, 2008

Giants Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giants win!!! Giants win!!!! Giants win!!!!! (Pictures courtesy of Fox Sports)

Today was a good day even though I don't have much of a voice left after that game. What about the Giants defense; best today and best in the league. The Giants went into the game as underdogs but they played like champions the entire game. My hat is goes off to the younger of the Mannings who played like the champion he is. Way to go Mr. Superbowl XLII MVP!!!

Nobody's Perfect; let me take that off your hands Mr. Brady

The Race is not given to the swift but to those that enderuth to the end


Kristin said...

YES!! I was so glad to see the Giants pull off this win over the Patriots. I was especially glad to see the Manning brothers 'keepin it in the family. What greatness! Giants played like true champions and deserved this win. The only thing better than Friday's SF snow day was seeing Tom Brady get sacked 5 times. PRICELESS.

Emily Dickinson said...

Take this last shot and black the background so it's just #10. I'd like to see that. He'd stand out and we'd see his emotion better.

Beas said...

I'll make sure I share that with the photographers at Fox Sports.

Emily Dickinson said...

:-) Whatever.