Friday, February 1, 2008

Which is Better?

I am trying to wean myself off of Abode Lightroom and work (photo editing) a bit more in Adobe Photoshop CS3. All this means for the purposes of this entry is that I can do better cropping. SO, in your humble opinions, which is more appealing to the eye? I have a favorite but I'm not telling.


Kimmeesook said...

My humble thoughts... take them w/ a grain of salt.

1. the blue foreground in the first picture is too distracting
2. the second picture does it for me as it is less centered and easier on the eyes. -- I really like this shot.

Glad you're spending time in CS3. =)

USAincognito said...

I like the first one - the blue water adds more color saturation to the picture as a whole. :)

Emily Dickinson said...

The second one is better, although it has too much gray that overwhelms the eye and takes away from the whole. The subject of the shot gets swallowed up. I agree with kimmeesook's comments. The subject is too centered vertically in the first one and the blue is too distracting. Also, all that blue is not "real" to the eye because when we're walking along, we typically don't see so much of the ground level stuff.

Benjamin said...

Two Cents
1. I like the contrast between the deep blues and the grays in the first photo.
2. The second picture is a littel to bland for me.

Overall great work though.

Benjamin said...
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