Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mr. Malcolm

A few weeks ago we shot Mr. Malcolm; one of our models from the Model in You project. I took some of my favorite shots from his shoot and put them into this slideshow. As you will see from the shots, Malcolm is a very cool you man and my Frat (Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity). Enjoy!

I'm back!!!


e Richard Photography said...

David, I enjoyed the slide show. The last shot was hot. Keep doing your thang bro.

David N. Beasley Jr. said...

Thanks for the feedback man. Did you see that I updated the banner with my name? I am making the changes you suggested. Thanks for the support Rich.

Villager said...

I don't know the young brother in the slideshow ... but, your photos, locations, music, and slide composition were compelling. I watched the whole dayum thing up to and including the Eiffel-Tower-like one towards the end.

You are a great talent. I'm glad that you are using this blog to showcase your work. I'm just sorry that u never took any photos of BDPA conferences or Central Illinois chapter events.

Keep doin' what u do!

peace, Villager (aka Wayne)

David N. Beasley Jr. said...

Thanks for the kind words and support Wayne. I wasn’t into photography when I was in attendance at the BDPA conferences but I am available to shoot future events. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hello David, I'm a friend of Malcolm's. WOW you did an awesome job. The last photo was the best but all of them were really good. Best wishes with your business.

naamayth said...

Mr Beasley I love the photoes you created of "Mr. Malcolm" your creation is truly a piece of art, and the way you use the song in the slide show was magic how each photo revealved what the artist expressed in his lyrics.... excelent, excelent, excellent. By the way who is the artist of the song and whats the title of the song you playd during the slideshow.
I am, Naamayth Goins

David Beasley Jr. said...

Thanks Naamayth. The song is called "Rain Man" by J. Foxx.