Monday, August 17, 2009

So who is this guy really?

So who is this guy really?

By birth I was premature (mini guy with big dreams), African American with a very gentle and kind spirit.

By stature, I am 6’ 3” 200+ pounds and have been told that I can be intimidating but have also been told that I am a BIG HUGGY BEAR

By nature, I am kind, caring, enthusiastic, comedic, shy, competitive, intense and pace pallet red if you will.

By education I am a mathematician, computer scientist and chemist but that was not my complete calling.

By region I am in Illinois but home will ALWAYS be the East Coast (New Jersey).

By way of passions:

  • I adore my family and how they continue to bless me each day through their kind words, actions and support.

  • I love people, showing and explaining their gifts to them that are obvious to me, never been told to them before and not yet revealed or acknowledged by them

  • I love to travel and desire to re-experience the world the way a toddler does w/o the owees. LOL!

  • Although I am not a journalist by education or gifts, I love to write and share my thoughts, perspectives and experiences

  • I love photography (beauty, perspectives, angles, details, etc.) basically “FOCUSing on what’s most important…” at the time, place and seasons in life

By way of the future, I am blessed, thankful, evolving, falling down and getting back up, seeking and transforming as God had intended

So when you see me behind the camera, when you see my work, when you read my Twittering, when you read my status updates on Facebook, this is beginning of what and who I am

I wrote this for:

  • Me

  • Those I have photographed

  • Those I will photograph

  • Those who are afraid to

  • My kids who I love dearly and can’t get enough of

  • Those who will follow suit

  • Those that read my Blogs AND

  • I wrote this for my mother who told me last week that she was proud of me (insert real tears here).

So what’s inspiring you? So what’s stopping you again?

I am taking a page out of Scarlett Lillian's book with this post and it feels very soothing and therapeutic..


Angel said...

Dave, as a friend I can say you truly are all those things but you missed one of the are inspiring. By your love and determination for things be it your family or your photography, you build others confidence and motivate them to move forward with their hopes and dreams.

Soul Food Classics said...

Absolutely fantastic!

Soul Food Classics said...

Thanks for helping us learn who you "really" are. I'm sure that your mom and the rest of your family are very proud of you. I admire you for pursuing your passion!

David N. Beasley Jr. said...

Thank you so much Angel. Look at you woman, you are on your way. Your Blog is up and strong now, you are branding yourself, your business, developing as a photographer and capturing awesome moments and memories for yourself and your clients. Keep doing what you do and it's now your turn to tell us more about the woman behind the lens...