Thursday, February 10, 2011

Skyline of Love - Lauren an Matt

While in New York visiting family a few months ago, I was taking the bus from Queens into New Jersey to visit my grandmother. As we exited the tunnel into New Jersey around 8:00pm, my breath was taken away by this beautiful view of the New York skyline from across the river. If it weren't for my suitcase and camera bag, I would have jumped off the bus, started shooting and figured out how to get to my grandmothers house later. Well good sense prevailed and I stayed on the bus but was trying to figure out how to get the shot.

The very next day, my Aunt and I decided to go back into the city and I thought, here's my chance.  I took a later subway ride and bus back into New Jersey and got off the bus to take my shots; only problem was that I got to my location too early and had to wait for nightfall. So I decided to stroll around this park across the bay from the skyline which is where I first saw Lauren and thought, WOW!!!  I would love to photograph her.  Then a few steps later as I walked around I ran Matt and thought, these two must be together and I would love the opportunity to photograph this couple.  As I got closer a car pulled up with two photographers and I quickly figured out what was happening and I thought, "'I've got some time on my hands so I will watch this engagement shoot till my light it right"; all of us photographers LOVE to watch!!!  LOL...

After "watching" for a bit, I started to engage the photographers and offered some "head nods" when I saw things that I liked.  One of the photogs was having trouble controlling the background light with her flash, I provided some suggestions which helped her get the background light under control and I was her new BFF.  After watching for their shoot for another 5-10 minutes, the two photogs invited me to shoot with them after clearing it with the couple, "Lauren and Matt" who were doing engagement photo's for their 2011 wedding.  So here's my little confession or excuse for the quality below.  When going into New York for the day, I left my backup batter for my main camera and my main flash as I didn't plan on shooting people that day.  So I shot this with my Canon 30D at very high ISOs with no flash so I had to wait till almost dusk in order to pull in the New York skyline while getting Lauren and Matt exposed properly.

I really enjoyed myself with this couple and in meeting some photog brother-in and sister-in.  Did I mention how much I LOVE and MISS the East Coast which will always be home for me.


Donna Lesli and her second shooter in "action"!!!

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