Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Studio meet Angey, Angey meet Studio!!!

So the story goes that I was sitting at the bar at one of my favorite restaurants in town and was waited on by Angey.  We had never met before, things were slow in the restaurant so I mentioned that I was a professional photographer and had done some work for the restaurant .  Well she remembered me being there on a couple occasions shooting, said she loved my work and that she was a graphic artist and done the menus and other artwork for the re-branding of the restaurant.

As we spoke more I mentioned that I loved her "look" and that I wanted to get her in the studio; she was "all-in".  Now when I post the rest of the pictures, you will notice that she has a "few" tattoos.  Well believe it or not, I didn't at the time we met but quickly noticed them as we were getting her ready for her photoshoot.  My first thought was "that's interesting" but my second thought was "we're going to have some fun" and we definitely did.  I am showing you, in this preview, my second favorite shot from her studio session.  More to come on Angie and my catchup from the Spring/Summer.


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