Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Girlz

I know I haven't blogged for a while (10 days to be exact) but I have been busy at work and traveling (just got back from Texas). It hasn't stopped me from shooting , just slowed down the editing and blogging process for me. I have some very cool shots from Texas including the Gaylord Texan and will be visiting another Gaylord Opryland Luxury in Tennessee during my visit to there.

Anyway, before I took off to Texas, I met with the two of the teens (Brie and Ashlyn) in our Model in You (MIY) program. If you frequent my blog then you see Brie's picture or half picture in my banner. I have had the pleasure of shooting her, her brother, her mother, mother and aunt, grandmother and grandfather so her family is featured all over my work. Don't tell anyone but Brie is my favorite.

There's also Ashlyn and I am really looking forward to shooting her with the project and watching her smile and personality blossom as she gets more comfortable with me and Angel. She has a very cool personality and the camera loves her.

So, here are "The Girlz".

I'll be blogging you later...


Angel said...

Nice shots, Dave. I wish I could have made it out to meet the girls.

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

It was fun looking around at your shots! Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

Gina Leigh