Saturday, February 28, 2009

Graffiti Train

While in Dallas the week before last, I passed by this train on the way into the office. I got a flash of the graffiti as we rode by and thought, "I need to shoot this train before I leave Dallas". So, I got up the next morning around 6:30am and hit the tracks!

In order to pull this off I had to deal with three issues; 1) I only had 30 minutes, 2) fear of a live train coming down the tracks and 3) fear of the police or another public official stopping by to pay me an unexpected visit. You'd be amazed with the number of vehicles and other things whose sounds resembles that of a train. This is what happens when you let fear rule your thoughts as it did mine that day. I was thinking to myself about the headline (s) I didn't want to appear in the paper. "Man gets drug on train tracks with camera in tow" OR, " The "popo" arrest suspicious man claiming to be taking photo's of an out-of-service train".

The very fact that I am Blogging this lets you know that I accomplished my mission without harm but I was startled a few times as this was an active rail and there was a brand spanking new train on the tracks beside this one just waiting for "the man" so he could get its "choo-choo" on.


Dennis said...

Good job with this David. I love the concept and the images....keep it up.

shannon said...

wow! these are fantastic! thanks for your comment on my blog so I could find your work too :)

David N. Beasley Jr. said...

Thanks for the feedback Shannon. It involved a little risk on may part to get these but it was worth it.

David N. Beasley Jr. said...

Thanks Dennis. I love your black and white photo's on your Blog.