Saturday, February 7, 2009

Meet Elaine

More meetings with models this weekend and today was all about Elaine. I approached her while she was working and discussed the latest project (MIY) I am working with Angel Sallade on. I had my doubts about whether she would agree to participate and actually show up for our meeting but as it turned out, we had her, I mean she had us all to herself. Tomorrow will be a challenge as we will probably meet with our largest group yet but today was all about Elaine.

We visited with her for almost two hours and shared our stories and we got to learn a lot about her. I already have several ideas on how to shoot her but you're going to have to "wait and see". She was a lot of fun and VERY comfortable in front of the camera and I even asked her twice whether she's modeled before. This was her first time though and she's a natural.

Enjoy these and more to come from our last meetings tomorrow.


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