Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jaime and Ryan are Married!

GO West young Man and that’s exactly what I did to shoot my second Destination Wedding and fourth and last wedding of 2009. I had the opportunity to meet Jaime (the bride) a couple of years prior when we worked on a project together as part of a virtual team. I was very new to Photography and Jaime was looking to upgrade her photography gear and we just went from there. The project we worked on together spanned about 12 months and Jaime and I started a friendship. One day out of the blue she said to me, which I will never forget “ When I get married I want you to shoot my wedding”. I thought how cool is that!?! She must see something in my work that I didn’t so I would have to go with her judgment on this one.

Well a couple of years passed, we stayed in touch through email and my Blog and then to my surprise an email from Jaime entitled “I got a ring” to myself and several members of our old team. Well I got my congratulations email out to her and before she could email her request to me I asked “Do you still want me to shoot your wedding?”. She didn’t hesitate with her response of “Yes”! and the rest is pretty much history. I went into 2009 pretty excited about her wedding being towards the end of the year which would give me a chance to try out some things before the wedding, since this would be my very first. The story didn’t end that way as I was blessed with this being #4 for me to wrap up 2009.

From the moment I landed in Spokane after a side trip to Seattle, I felt like part of the Weston/Yob family. Both Ryan (hubby) and Jaime (Mrs. Hubby; I mean Yob) are blessed not just with each other but also with very cool families who made me feel very welcomed throughout. As I was looking through their pictures a few days ago to start my editing, it was hard not to get emotional remembering the time I spent with these wonderful people and all the memories from the rehearsal, dinner, wedding ceremony and reception. I couldn’t have had a better experience to end the 2009 wedding season. More pics to come soon...


P.S. There is a picture on my website (second one) where their wedding party jumps in the air and somehow Jaime made her legs disappear; that was NOT a Photoshop trick. LOL!


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Thanks again :) You did AWESOME :)

If your ever out our way you need to stop by and photo Addy :)


David N. Beasley Jr. said...

Thanks Jaime and I would love to shoot Addy some day. Wow, she is growing up fast and cute like her mother... ;)