Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just do it!

In a recent post, I showcased some shots I took of some mouth watering food at the Destihl restaurant for an organization named “Path”. I had almost all of my equipment at the shoot to ensure the proper lighting and give myself and Angel the maximum amount of flexibility to move around, shoot from different angels while ensuring our lighting and ultimately the food looked great. I knew the look I was going for and thanks to Ross; I understood how to manipulate the output power on my flash so I was good to go. This was my first attempt at truly shooting food and I think the results pretty much speak for themselves. One of the things that helped me was that I took time the day before to stop by the restaurant, talk with and get to know the hostess, scope out potential locations to shoot the food and check my lighting and the best solution for a background. In the past I would have either gone into things “cold” or over thought the entire process. Having a better understanding of how my equipment works made a huge difference along with my preparation. My goal for the next shoot is to do some creative things with the shoot, maybe not for the event marketing materials but maybe just for my own personal portfolio.

I have titled this post “Just do it” to say that sometimes you have to do your preparation as best you can and go for it!!! Understanding and having confidence in your talents, abilities, leveraging past experiences and making adjustments along the way are very important. Loving what you do is the fuel that will keep things going and understanding that “it” chose you and you didn’t choose it is key. I have found that putting my dreams, desires and passions out into the universe has brought growth, confidence and a desire to continue to test the limits of my abilities. This has been an awesome start to 2009 and I want to also thank everyone who reached out to me to help me realize my 2009 goals. If there are others who feel led to help me with any aspect of my 2009 goals, please feel free to contact me. I welcome the mentorship, help and support that results from collaboration.

God Bless..

P.S. More food coming this weekend to a Blog near you..

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