Monday, August 18, 2008

Finding Your North

Focused, intense, silly, nutty, sexy mind, insightful, confident, serious, passionate, friendly, unapproachable, engaging, not doing what he was meant to do on this planet!!! These are just a few of the ways and words that have been used to describe and/or refer to me over the years. The truth of the matter lies in the context of the times, the seasons of my life, my passions and the quality of my support system .

I love to teach and I was asked to give a presentation next week. In preparation for the presentation, I took a test (Strength Engagement Track) that was suppose to assess my current and future engagement level based on my strengths. I was going to use my personal information from the test in my presentation but my scores were so low I decided against it. Time continues to demonstrate to me that you can’t hide from your destiny but you can find a temporary outlets. As I took this test, I could tell from the questions that my results weren’t going to be in my favor but maybe that's a matter of context when you really think about from another perspective. So confession is good for the soul right?

Each of us has to face the reality that we might not be doing what we’ve been called to do in this life. A young man I consider a mentor is living his calling. I say this because of what he’s shared about his journey away from the corporate world, being present at his workshop and his body of work that speaks for itself. His body of work is less about photography, even though he is awesome but more about how he connects with people and what he's able to create as a result.

God has given me a few talents in this life and also a passion for teaching, creating and making people think; sometimes to my determent but you can keep down what’s inside you. I’ve reached a point in my life where I have no other choice but to be honest with myself about my future so I can start living and walking in it. God is taking control or maybe I am just allowing him to do what he's been trying to with my life for quite some time. Time to stop ignoring what’s been so obvious over the years. I think I’ve bought myself some time by finding ways to channel my passions through other means but that’s becoming increasingly more difficult. I put this out there to the Blog community as a measure of accountability and to encourage others who are possibly struggling with the same realities in their lives. Not sure if I will make to the level of a Ross Knight, Scarlett Lillian, or a Art Wolfe but if I get to and continue to evolve and re-invent Dave Beasley I will be satisfied with that.

Everything and I do mean everything in this life has purpose and it wasn’t by mistake that I was asked to give this presentation. I continually challenge people to THINK and understand what differentiates themselves from others then find ways to leverage it in the pursuit of their dreams. I just never thought one of my folks would throw it back at me via a simple request to talk about this in a broader venue with others. So I sit here at lunch time trying to figure out what’s next??? Here are a few questions from one of the books I am using to help prepare for the presentation:

Q1 – So, what’s stopping you?
Q2 – Do you know what your STRENGTHS are?
Q3 – Can you live with the passion that fuels your strengths being taken away from you? – I made this one up but it’s so true
Q4 – Who’s in your circle keeping you accountable for Q1– Q3?

Well I promised the direction of this Blog was going to be more photography and based on this entry I have strayed but I just couldn’t hold it. It is my hope someone gets something from this and is able to find their “North”.


Scarlett Lillian said...

Great post! I have found that blog readers not only enjoy our photography, but when we share from the heart as well... people love to see the artist behind the camera. Keep following your heart David and doing everything on your part to maximize the creative gifts the Lord has given you. He will bless you! The most important thing I have learned is their is so much receiving in the giving first.

Scarlett Lillian said...

p.s. Thank you for mentioning me!! ha!! I am humbled and honored!

David N. Beasley Jr. said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments and support Scarlett. I have been a fan of yours for the last several months and took a page out of your book on this one. Not sure where the road will take me but I will follow him.

Wicked Wicks said...

Thank you for this post. I have been contemplating my comment for a while and finally decided it was time. After reading this post I kept having to come back and re-read it. It has really made me do some self-analysis. I want to thank you for making me take the time for it, it was much needed. My goal is before 08 is done to have my photography blog out here.

David N. Beasley Jr. said...

Set-em high, set-em high. Best wishes on your journey towards "Finding Your North" because it's the journey that will define you and shape your future.