Friday, August 1, 2008

My Horizion

I am taking a page from a young man I consider and friend, mentor and AWESOME photographer (Ross Oscar Knight) and listing my goals and progress from 2007 to present. In October, I will have been at this photography thing for one year and wanted to take a moment and document what I wanted to accomplish versus what I have actually accomplished. None of this could have been possible with out God, family, friends and the support I have received via the Blog community.

It has been a personal and professional journey and we will celebrate more, do some reflection and stuff, on the one year anniversary of this Blog in October. Thanks again for all the love and support!!!

Thank God for my Healing (claimed it)
Come to grips with where my passion lies (hard pill to swallow but I got there)
Buy digital SLR (done)
Learn how to use said camera (didn't quite get there; I shot in automatic mode)
Complete first shoot (done)
Get photo editing software (done)
Learn how to use photo editing software (still working on this)
Start photography blog (done)
Attend photography workshop (will do this in 2008 but I was signed up)
Get a real camera flash (done but my best friend it telling me to buy a better one)
Get out of my own way (making progress)

Attend photography Workshop (done)
Develop my own unique style for photography (getting there)
Launch website (done and also added a new Blog)
Buy new digital SLR (done)
Buy new flash (done)
Refer to myself as a photographer (done)
Get business cards (done)
Sell non-professional lenses and buy “L” series Canon Lenses (done)
Travel abroad (done - went to India)
Sell house/buy new house (in progress)
Shoot w/Professional Photographer (hopefully September and December)
Network with other professional photographers (done – 3)
Take relationship w/girlfriend to the next level (Done – got married)
Redesign Blogs and develop branding (1-blog done, branding in progress)
Get published (1 down and working on another)
Do a commercial shoot
Shoot a wedding as a second shooter (working on it)


Anonymous said...

I should take lead from you and do the same. Work goals are not a problem but personal ones always seem to be a challenge. -Angel

David N. Beasley Jr. said...

Yes they are and you have many gifts/talents and goals will help you focus. Glad to see you got the Wicked Wicks Blog going.

Wicked Wicks said...

I think the blog will be a good thing for all of us involved in Wicked Wicks. I am considering one for my photography as well.