Sunday, August 31, 2008

My New Eyes

I've been wanting to blog something for quite some time about this brave new world. A brave new world that I am bearing witness to that for me is only possible because of My New Eyes. These new eyes were not delivered to me in a glasses case or through any new laser or cataracts surgery. They also were anything earned or deserved but through divine inspiration and intervention. The gift of seeing the world through the eyes of a photographer.

I was blind but now I see seems almost seems like an understatement of sorts. It's as if a shroud was pulled back revealing a world I was familiar with but now had the ability to see all the blessings and little gifts God has placed here for us. Sometimes I want to say to people "Did you see that?", or "Look at the way the sun is bouncing off the...". Or "Wow, did you see the awesome levels of colors in the sky".

In people I now see depth and character. Now it's not that I wasn't paying attention before but I am more interested in and give thanks for the details and the things that make us different and the ultimately the same. God lives in those details, we are ALL created in his image so I guess I am becoming more aware of his depth and love through my experiences behind the lens. He is present in the things we photographers stage and also in those moments we catch that are more real and natural when the world and it's people are at ease.

My New Eyes Have Seen:
* A Fathers Love
* Sky on Fire
* World Wonders
* Men, Women and children of other countries
* An awesome sunset
* The Becoming of Age
* The changing of the seasons
* The Moon watching over us
* The changing of sides between the Moon and Sun
* Those things I call Sneakers yet they are so much more then that

I have Blogged a lot of this and have many pictures still yet to add to my collection. I have captured my Downtown Boyz at their sporting events not in battle with the opposition but with their dreams, capabilities, passions and destiny. It's been a real journey for me and I would imagine any photographer that is interested in more than gain will tell you the same. It's what Ross Knight calls community, etc. It's what a friend of mine called "Love and Friendship On Fire". Whatever the expression or the words we use to describe what we see; it's timeless and truly for all seasons. It can sometimes be overwhelming, breathtaking, incredible, frightening, silly, personal and inspirational all in the same moment. AND it can all change without warning after you press the shutter button. Sometimes it's what happens before you "say cheese" that's most pure.

Everything in this life happens for a reason and I will submit to you that My New Eyes were exactly what I needed for that moment and season of my life. It has given way to my healing and journey towards north. It has allowed me and others to cultivate our seeds of greatness and bless others in the process. There is something for everyone and I needed a set of new eyes in order for me to see what's always been there or "Go Sailing" as Stevie Wonder says in his song by the same name.

As I write this Blog entry I am witnessing a father in the pool with his two sons teaching the youngest, who appears to be about a year old, to swim as the other looks on waiting for Dad as if to say "see what I can do". Watching the different perspectives of Moms and Dads with little ones in the pool is interesting also. This same Dad is like Barack Obama, "Yes We Can" and now here comes Mom in full protect mode to save her baby. Wanna guess who's holding the baby right now?

Or my middle son as he does his impersonation of Michael Phelps doing the butterfly in the Olympics. How about the mother who's teaching her daughter to swim and the way the daughter looks up at the Mom with love and thanksgiving when she realizes that she could do this on her own and wants to do more. What about the kid sister who is waiting for Big Brother to ride her around the pool on his back. Watching this unfold has made me realize that it wasn't about the ride but about spending time with her Big Brother; well maybe it was a little abut the rise as she tries for a "do-over" from Big Bro.

Capturing two kids from different sides of the city, different backgrounds separated my 2-3 years develop a friendship via the power of water, a diving board and who can make the biggest splash. Now they may never see each other again or possibly find they are in the same classroom at school but the moments leading up to their encounter today was priceless.

Like Leslie Nielsen says in his Naked Gun movies "Nothing to see here" was my mantra but news flash, I was wrong. So much to see and capture here behind the lens and Heaven only knows what lies ahead but I am blessed and equipped for the journey ahead with My New Eyes.
P.S. Mom gave Dad another chance with Junior but she's in close proximity :)


KNIGHT said...

David - Great to see how you have grown. Keep up the good work.


David N. Beasley Jr. said...

Thanks Ross. I have your Knight Experience workshop and support to thank for a lot of my growth.