Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Was Just Thinking...

I once had someone tell me that they liked the way I think - this was in a business context. I’ve always had a passion for understanding more about the things that interest me which is expanding into what I consider my new life/rebirth of sorts which has been happening over the last 4 years. I do tend to think differently about things then the average bear, not better or worse just different. It usually scares the heck out of people because there not use to the questions I pose and are afraid of my follow-up question (s). Understanding and challenging the status quo are passions of mine whether it‘s something serious or just to be silly. Trying to find the right channel for this has been a challenge in some venues and even taken for granted. What gets taken for granted will eventually find its voice and my channel for that voice is my photography.

So much more to learn about lighting and composition but I am giving myself some grace here since I’ve only been at this for a little over a year and the fact that I do have a full time job. As my Blog readership expands I get a lot of compliments about my work. Sometimes it’s very easy to think about where I’m not versus where I am and the feedback I get from everyone keeps me focused forward. 12 months ago I had no presence on the web and hadn’t taken a lot of pictures of people or things other then my kids. Well almost 12 months later, I have 1 website (2 slideshows on my website), 4 blogs, completed 6 professional shoots, shot the Taj Mahal in India and backed in to one commercial shoot. I am looking at these blessings to continue as I learn more about my craft.

Each time I pick up my camera it provides me with an opportunity to capture people and places I would have possibly ignored before I got my new eyes and new friends in the Blog community. I check my Blog statistics daily and wanted to share with you that my Blog community extends throughout the United States and into other countries (India, China, Netherlands, Turkey, etc). This has been extremely flattering and humbling to me at the same time. Who would have thought!!! I am going through sort of a transition over the next 12 months as I refocus my knack for thinking from one world to the world of photography and see where that takes me. I am just so grateful for the journey and the love I receive from everyone. I would just ask that you keep me honest on the goals I established for this year and develop for 2009. AND in the words of Ray Charles – “I’m going to make it do what it do baby”.

Be Easy


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clo said...

Hi David,
I frequent your blog and I am from ROK workshop 3. Your work is great! Keep up the good work and I pray your journey continues to expand!