Friday, December 26, 2008

Group Participation

I pray everyone had a blessed Christmas that was in the "true" spirit of the season and that his "gift" continues to guide you now and into the New Year ahead.

Now there are several of you, and you know who you are, who have signed up for my newsletter and I want to thank you for that. There are also another 30+ who frequent my Blog daily and you also know who you are; please feel free to sign up as well to stay informed of the updates. There might also be another few random visitors who find the Blog and perhaps like what you see. Well, I need to hear from all of you; this is where the "Group Participation" piece comes in.

I want to get your candid feedback on where you'd like me to take certain aspects of my work. In 2008, I did more shoots with people, crossed over into the commercial world and explored my creative side a bit more. I was told to consider a book which I am. It was also mentioned that several of my fall and winter shots were postcard worthy, etc. Those all sound like great ideas which I will pursue and I want to take this time to get additional ideas for my 2009 plans. 2009 is just around the corner so time is critical if you feel led to participate via your feedback.

I will be headed to Chicago this afternoon to visit friends and hope to get my Best Friend out to do some shooting and hopefully get his work "off the hard drive" as his wife so lovingly reminds him. I will have my laptop with me and will Blog some of my/our best photo's over the weekend. I really want to explore parts of Chicago that I don't normally visit and get some unusual shots and perspectives. So folks, I will be waiting to hear from you. Also, some of you will be getting personal invitations to participate in this feedback process if I don't hear from you AND you do know who you are :)

Much love and thanks!



Prudence said...

David, I love your work but I'm not sure that I can give you much advice since I'm now the "beginner" --- *smile*

Commercial photography seems to be your strong suit. I love your abstract eye. It takes a special someone to see beauty in almost everything. It would be lovely to get some $$$ for it, too. From what I hear, commercial photography can be very lucrative.

I've often wondered if your body of work would pop more on a white background. Just wondering.

You're way ahead of the game and you're not a beginner by anymore. I like your style. I think you should do more to show it off. You're good.

Now, look out. I am doing my biz plan for 2009 and I'll be picking your brain for ideas.

Good luck and God bless.

Angel said...

I feel honored you would ask for my input on something like this. In this past year I have watched your blog and you have grown so much. You have a natural god given talent and a great eye for finding the beauty in things.
I agree to an extent with Prudence that you do have a great eye for Commercial photography, however I would like to see you shoot a wedding. You have strong photojournalist qualities that I'd like to see you apply to a wedding.
I'm looking forward to seeing you use your gifts in 2009.

Kristin said...


As you know...I know nothing about photography. I just enjoy looking at beautiful photos and you always deliver something unique. When I asked you to shoot my family for our Christmas picture/card this year I did so because I have seen your creativity and knew you would deliver something personal...yet different for us.

I have really enjoyed your travel pictures this year. You've been to places I'll probably never have a chance to go to...but through your lens I've seen the beauty of so many things.

It amazes me that photographers (YOU!) can make something so ice on a tree...or a colorful fall leaf...look so amazing with the right touches. For a non-photographer...seeing your end results are truly amazing.

I agree with Angel in that I'd love to see you shoot a wedding. I know you'd do an amazing job. I'd also like to see you shoot more family portraits (either inside somewhere or outside). You have incredible patience and I think you have the ability to capture some amazing memories for families.

Thank you for allowing me a chance to observe your work this year!

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