Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sometimes it just happens

I made an agreement with a friend that I would make a post on my blog everyday till Christmas. Well I didn't get around to it yesterday so I am going to do a double post today.

The two pictures below have quickly become two of my favorites because there wasn't much I had to do in order to get them right. The first was taken without the subject really knowing what I was doing; I told her I was trying to get my exposure right, which was kinda true. The second photo was posed but I only took one shot because the first one came out perfect.

I am hoping to bring you more of the second young lady as I learned she is a artist (painter) and I want to help her market her work.

Enjoy these and look forward to another post later today.


Angel said...

Nice shots! I'll have my post up tonight.

wholesale jewelry said...

where you come from!