Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Model in You (MIY)

The Model in You (The Photographers Vision…)

A love it when a plan comes together. A local photographer (Angel Sallade) and I are co-collaborating on a vision we have coined “The Model in You” (MIY); it is all about the beauty in diversity. We have BIG plans for this project and have created a new Blog titles "The Model in You" to give it its' proper marketing. Angel and I had different ideas on a few things we wanted to do this year and the more we got to talking, we realized how well our ideas complimented each other and here were are just a few short weeks later. Our mission is understanding and capturing what makes people unique as men, women and couples. People from different ethnicities, backgrounds and ages with different features, personalities and individual styles. What we are after is their “true” unrestricted self. We will be taking all of this into consideration for the way we approach the photo session (s). In the way we ask our models to dress, the destinations we choose for their photographs, the way we pose them and the feedback and instruction we give during the shoots, etc.

Our sub-theme is "fun" and through this we hope to get our models out of their shell and bringing out their style and the things that make them unique. Our tools will be diversity, contrast, high fashion, urban style, city girl vs. country girl, contemporary vs. traditional, action vs. relaxed, bridal vs. fun, etc. This will all happen through the lens of two different photographers with different perspectives, approaches, talents, experiences and gifts. This will be our gift to our young men and women and each other as we re-introduce them to themselves from different angles and use these experiences to further our talents.

We had our kickoff meeting with the group where several of them were able to attend. This is very diverse group in many ways and we're going to have a lot of fun in the process. We have Cuban, African American, Caucasian, African American/Filipino, Indian, Mexican and Mexican/Caucasian, etc). I spent time during our meeting providing them with specifics as to why we chose them and getting their input on how they'd like us to approach their shoots and things they want to be part of their portfolio. We talked locations for their shoots and many of them are willing to travel to do some Destination shots. Some of the models are not pictured but will be introducing them to you through our Blogs as we do their initial shots. In the meantime, here are some individual shots of each model and a group shot with several of our muses. Get ready, get ready, get ready!!!


Angela - Maday's twin separated at Birth; Just kidding but these two are crazy!!!


Rob - her hubby



Jaime again - I really like this shot

The Group w/Angel and I at the bottom (Thanks Chris)

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Angel said...

I had an awesome time yesterday. Thanks to all that could join us for our kick off meeting!