Thursday, January 1, 2009

Breaking Dawn

Well the New Year is here and 2008 is but a memory. I am not much into New Years resolutions but do believe in looking back in order to acknowledge your forward progress. I got up early this morning and noticed this sky as it was coming over the house. To me it signifies a new day, new hope, new opportunities and a time to renew our faith.

2008 brought many changes for each of us personally, for the United States and this Big Blue Ball we call planet earth. In 20 days the First Black President of the United States will be sworn in which will provide the U.S. and entire world with new hope, faith and a new outlook to realize our dreams. New Hope does not come without sacrifices and we all know what that's looked like in the solace of our hearts but like the bible says "Weeping May Endure for a Night but Joy Commeth in the Morning".

I don't know what "joy" looks like for each of you but I want to wish everyone many blessing and love in 2009. I pray it will be life changing in a way that ministers to your soul. I appreciate the feedback I received on my "Group Participation" post and will be using prayer, Blog feedback and others I have received to develop my direction for 2009. I will be incorporating much more C.R.A.P into my photo's and approach in 2009; more on CRAP later but the photographers understand the meaning.

God Bless...



Angel said...

I see a new charge for us in 2009...using C.R.A.P. It could be a fun experiment. Beautiful sky! I wish you and your family all the best in 2009.

jordan shoes said...

where you come from!